Wakeboarding Takes Off in the Area

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News 12 @ 11 Monday July 9

Augusta, GA -- The thrills, the spills; welcome to the world of wakeboarding. It's a cross between water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing and it’s gaining in popularity.

"Nothing but bigger, this is only the beginning," said 30-year-old Jeremiah Scott. " Ever since the beginning wakeboarding has gotten big."

It's not just for the 20 to 30 something set. How about girls? How about kids barely bigger then the boards they stand on?

Eleven-year-old Thomas Dykes said, "My dad has a bass boat and we've been doing it and practicing and watched them every year. I just wanted to try it."

Thomas has only been doing this for a year. One of his biggest challenges: just getting up on the board.

"I had to get the handle, and getting up, it takes you a while to get up," said Thomas. "The handle, you have to get a good grip on it to get up."

It's only a matter of time before kids his age, are soaring like the rest.

"Normally, us older guys get out there and we play with it and the younger kids get a hold of it and they just shoot it out of the water, you know what I mean?" Jeremiah Scott said.

For those more advanced, it can be quite the rush.

Scott said, "I use to ride dirt bikes a lot on motocross tracks. I wasn't really nervous, it seemed to me this is a little bit safer sport then hitting the clay and all that good stuff."

Well, safer to a certain degree.

"Yea, it hurts, face plants are the worst!" said Scott.

This past weekend over 50 wakeboarders were on Clarks Hill strutting their stuff. The number continues to grow every year.

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