ASU golfers head to France

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News 12 @ 6 July 8

It's the time of year families are taking their vacation. For the Augusta State golf family, some of their members are needing passports for their golf excursion as they're headed to France.

It's a project that's been in the works for a couple of years now, but is finally coming to fruition. Coach Laura Coble and four members will take part in the Biaritz cup for some of the top amateurs in the world. Some of these girls, like Kristin Bragg, have never been out of the country. Needless to say they're looking forward to the trip.

Kristen Bragg says, "I'll get to meet all sorts of new people from across the country and around the world and hear languages that I'm sure I'll not hear anytime soon again"

Laura Coble says, "The focus is going to be on experiencing all that we'll be able to fit in on our trip. (We're) making a little side trips and eating lots of good food and visiting with the local folks."

Biaritz, France just happens to be the sister city for Augusta. the golf team leaves Thursday for the 10 day trip. Sight seeing and plenty of European cuisine are also on the schedule.

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