Golfer turns tragedy to inspiration

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AUGUSTA, GA---For those on hand at the Waynesboro Country Club back in early May, 2003, it's a scene that will never be forgotten.

15 or more high school golf team captains launching balls into a pond.

A memorial for 2 members of the Greenbrier golf team.

The kids were trying to pay tribute and move forward at the same time, never an easy thing to do, especially for the families of the victims.

Dan hall was the father of Daniel Hall, who, along with Shane Williams lost their lives in April of that year, in a wreck, on their way to a golf tournament.

Dan hall says, "the pain that we experienced every day, still to this day, was so intense that seeing him succeed was very important to us but it was so hard to be happy."

What has happened in the past 4 years since that tragedy is truly remarkable. The Hall's have found joy watching golf once again.

It came in the form of a medium build teenager, with pink pants and an easy smile, their son Chris.

Chris says, "We dedicated all through the year nad we got through and we got the chance to play collegiately."

A chance that may not have come. After his brother's death, a then 13 year old Chris didn't want to play golf anymore. His Dad remembers, "He said that golf caused this to happen to him and he was really upset. He missed him so much. But then he realized that his inspiration would then come from his older brother and he went back out and started playing the game again and actually played some of his best golf since that happened. I think at first it turned him away and then it brought him back."

Brought him back to the game he loved and closer to the brother he lost.

"Everytime he goes out, I say, 'Daniel's there with you. He's there.' and I really believe that."

And maybe, as Chris's senior year came to a close without any scholarship offers, someone was looking down and gave a helping hand.

Chris says, "I was getting pretty nervous, hoping somebody would call and i got lucky and they did."

That call ultimatley resulted in a scholarship to Georgia Southwestern University where Chris hopes to get significant playing time this upcoming season.

Their is a memorial golf tournament in Daniel hall's honor held every April.

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