BMX riding continues to grow in CSRA

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News 12 @ 11 Monday July 2

Augusta, GA-- In a day and age when kids are turning to extreme sports, motorcycles, skateboards, and bicycles are becoming more fashionable then ever, even here in Augusta.

"One of my friends came out here and we just watched and i thought it was the coolest thing." says 15 year old Matt Kessler "He was really good at the time and he just made me come out here and i checked it out and signed up."

Hayden Mcpeake says, "When i came home, my mom said there was a BMX race and I wanted to go to it and when I got here I decided I wanted to do it."

It's the way a lot of kids have gotten into BMX racing. Watch it once and you're hooked. For a sizeable group in Augusta, it's become a weekly obsession, and its not just a boys sport. Just ask Caitlin Wood.

"I saw everybody racing and i saw a couple of girls who raced at my local track and they kind of got me into it and they really inspired me to get on a bike," says 13 year old Caitlin Wood.

Wood maybe the exception more than the norm, but she has full support from mom and dad.

"My mom, she likes it" says Wood. "She thinks its good for me to get out of the house, do something, not sit on the computer all day."

BMXing continues to grow in the garden city and nation wide. There's even regional and national rankings and events for all ages all over the country. Some of the kids from Augusta have traveled plenty and are paying attention to the pros.

"Every year they come on and you're like--oh man--i can do some of that stuff" Matt Kessler says with a smile. " It's really cool to look at them and look at yourself and kind of compare to the pros."

And as seven year old Hayden McPeake puts it, pedaling can also make you the cool kid on the block.

"One day i brought in a huge trophy to school and they all liked it"

The Augusta BMX track is on Wood Street near Lake Olmstead Stadium. They're usually practicing Fridays and Racing saturdays in case you're interested.

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