Ripken surveys his team

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AUGUSTA---An office full of Augusta Greenjacket employees is breathing a big sigh of relief tonight because the boss is happy.
Soon to be hall of famer Cal Ripken, Jr. making his only scheduled trip to Lake Olmstead Stadium this season, threw out the first pitch for the 2nd game of tonight's doubleheader and spent plenty of time signing autographs.
Ripken seemed to be in a good mood and it's not hard to figure out why.
The Jackets are averaging about 600 more fans per game over last season and on the field, the team leads all of baseball in wins.
Ripken is also gearing up for the hall of fame induction ceremony at the end of next month.
Ripken says. "Part of me pushes it away a little bit because it's going to be an emotional rollercaoster of sorts thinnking about my dad. I lost my dad so long agao. It will all be happy stuff but I'm sure I'll be a little emotional vbecause that's the nature of what other people have experienced."
Ripken was a first ballot hall of famer recieving nearly 99 percent of the vote.

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