Sports Camps Pave the Way to Success

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News 12 @ 11 June 4, 2007

Augusta, GA. -- Whether it's football, baseball, soccer, or basketball, no matter what the sport, kids who are serious about playing will be out of the house and into a sports camp. Augusta State Women's Coach Greg Wilson runs his camp to improve on the youngster's skills.

"The old saying goes, there's always someone working to get better and you want to be one of those people," Wilson says. "You don't want to be left out."

"It's a great experience," says Augusta State Senior Sonya Jackson. "As far as the competition, you realize that you're not the only one that can play and you realize that you need to work on different parts of your game."

The players you find at camps keep getting younger and younger. Meet Allison, she is only 13 and has been camping for five years in hopes she'll one day play at the college level.

"I learn new things every year" Allison Vick says. "Like fundamentals and it improves my skill."

"I got a chance to learn different things from different instructors. I learned those different things. I got a chance to put it all together. As far as playing in games and other tournaments, I also learned from other clubs I was playing in. It was great," Jackson says.

You'd be hard pressed now a days to find a college athlete who hasn't been to several camps.

"I think 100% of my kids have gone to some sort of camp in the past," Wilson says. "And most of them are into AAU which is now heavily into the summers."

So if you ever wonder how these kids get so good, remember, most have probably given up a good portion of their summer to chase the chance of playing at a higher level.

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