Bocock plays his way to the next level

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News 12 @ 11, Monday May 21

Augusta, GA. --Maybe Augusta Greenjacket shortstop Brian Bocock knew what was coming, a promotiion to the high Class "A" level and San Jose. Before he left town, Bocock was making things happen on the diamonds.

Usually sixth round draft picks can be mired in the low minors their entire career. Not Brian Bocock who's litterally in the fast lane up the minor league chain..

"He's doing stuff that honestly people didn't expect" said manager Roberto Kelly. " He's hitting .300 or close to it , they didn't expect him to hit. He's stealing bases which nobody expected him to do."

The biggest enhancer, the stolen base. In 39 games with the Greenjackets, bocock has swiped 26 bases, tops in the league.

'I've always been able to steal bases, like i said, I'm not the fastest guy on the team by no means, but I go off my instincts and getting good jumps and that sort of things", says Brian Bocock.

."He's not fast, I'll tell you that right now." Kelly said. " Usually a base stealer is a fast guy but he has such a great instinct on the bases and he works on his jumps and he's a very smart kid"

Those baseball instincts have him firmly on the Giants radar screen. Last year was his first in pro ball and got a cup of coffee with the Greenjackets late in the year. Now a month and a half into his first full season, another promotion, well ahead of the Bocock schedule.

Brian Bocock says, "personally I just play hard everyday. I don't worry about making moves and that sort of thing, if it happens, it happens, its great. My goal is to make a move, take a step every year. If i move in the middle great, if not, that's fine too."

In high school in Virginia, Bocock was a two sport star with basketball his other love. It was that size thing that held him back. For a guy who plays on an even keel everyday, he probably made the right choice.

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