Champ-Boat Racing Returns to Augusta

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, May 19, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA -- It's fast paced action Augusta hasn't seen for more than 10 years. Formula One Champ-Boat Racing hit the Savannah Saturday (May 19th) at Augusta's Riverfront Marina.

Some say it's like NASCAR on water and people from all over the country are in Augusta to see and hear the excitement first hand. But for some families, it's a chance to be together.

And they're off! Champ-Boat Racing teams from across the U.S. practicing on Augusta's Riverfront, getting ready for Monday’s big race. And with speeds hitting 140 miles an hour around every turn, it's easy to see why Champ-Boat racing is such a fan favorite.

"Just to see them make the corners, it's just amazing how fast they can go," says fan Gary Powell.

His brother Scott Powell agrees. "Gotta go fast! What is it, the old Tom Cruise saying? The need for speed! And there is nothing better than on water."

And their Dad, known to the grandkids as Grandpa Speed, can't get enough of the fast pace water action either. He travels to boat races around the country just to experience races like this. "I guess it might be called a man thing because most men appreciate speed and the skill it takes to control it," says Harvey Powell.

But as much as the family is here for the speed, they're also enjoying a slower pace to life. All three traveled here from Atlanta with their other brother in order to spend some much needed father son time together.

"Because they're all adults, they all have families, they all have jobs, it means it's very hard for us to get together just man to man," says dad Harvey Powell.

Man to man, father to son, brother to brother, and of course, the race. It's time well spent that these men won't soon forget.

Harvey Powell adds, "The water is the key for me. Then whatever we do, so long as we do it together, then it's just a better experience."

The Champ-Boat Grand Prix of Augusta continues Monday (May 20th) with the Crown Jewel Race serving as the final event. Thirty race teams are expected to qualify. Gates at the Riverfront Marina open Monday morning (May 20th) at 10AM and tickets are $15 for the day.

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