Champ boats roar back into Augusta

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News 12 @ 11, Sunday May 20

Augusta, GA.---Once again the Savannah River has roared to life with the re-appearnace of the Champ Boat races. It's the first time in a decade Augusta has hosted the event with plenty thrills and chills.
Saturday, practice, time trials and heat races for champ boats and the champ-2 boats.

This is the first of 10 stops for these guys and with top speeds approaching 130 miles an hour and with hair pin turns, expect nothing but excitement. The difference between the two boats, just a little speed. But when you put a dozen or so in the water it's still a spectacle. Anyway you spell it, it's a rush, especially for those in the cockpit.

"It's like being in a dryer on tumble dry cycle," says driver Terry Rinker. "You come into the turns running 120 to 130 miles an hour, you hit the turn, you pull four or five g's and it's 50 laps, so it's 100 times a race you get slammed inside this boat. Then you have to get it going out of the turn just as quickly as you came into it."

Terry rinker is the reigning hot shoe on tour having won all seven events a year ago. Tomorrow will be the features. About a dozen or so boats will start the 50 lap main event. That's scheduled to start at two with the champ 2 feature at one.

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