Champboats return to Augusta

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Today, representatives from the Champboat series were out at the Savannah river to give a preview of what fans will see this weekend.
Basically, it's like the southern nationals with turns.
They even suited up members of the media, including yours truly for rides in the slightly bulkier 2-seater.
They had to take the canopy off to fit myself and the camera in the cockpit but I got a taste of what it's like behind the wheel.
These machines reach speeds past 130 miles per hour on the straightaways and lose little momentum when turning.
Bill Seebold, one of the legends of the sport and a hall of famer who's retired from racing, has brought his race team back to Augusta. Seebold's son drives the Bud Light formula One boat now, but, thanks in large part to winning several times in Augusta, Bill always wanted to come back.
"Alot of guys knew when they came to Augusta that it was going to be a high speed race and they drove a little over their heads. That's why we always had so many crashes here. It's a wonderful place to race. It's kind of a natural ampitheatre with the banks of the river looking down on the boats," said Seebold.
The races run Saturday and Sunday at the marina and advance tickets can be found at

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