Mark Richt visits garden city

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AUGUSTA, Ga.---As always, the annual Bulldog Club meeting in Augusta was packed with red and black last night. Head coach mark richt was the guest of honor and we grilled hiim on a few pressing issues.
First and foremost though was the interaction with the red and black nation.
The fans lined up for a picture and an autograph with richt before he spoke to the assembled masses.
We asked him about some of our local players.
Richt says north augusta's CJ Byrd is coming into camp with a starting safety spot but will have to work to keep it, while Burke County's Marcus Washington is still rehabbing from acl surgery and may not play this year.
The kindest words went to senior offensive lineman Fernando Velasco out of Jefferson County.
Richt said, "He's surrounded by puppies up front, offensive line-wise and he knows he has to lead that group and it's really become a natural thing for him to lead the whole team."
Richt also stated the most pressing need was consistency on defense.
In the spring game the dawg "d" gave up 55 points.

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