Wolfpack chase elusive state title

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May 7, 2007

They've been one of the most dominating soccer teams in the state all year. But there's still plenty to prove for the boys from Greenbrier.

Ranked sixth in the nation two straight years, a trip to the state semifinals, but there's still plenty to prove for this year's Wolfpack: namely, winning the state title.

"They all have long memories, so they know what it's like," said Coach Chip Warren. "Most of these guys were here last year. We lost a bunch of seniors last year but a lot of these guys had a lot of playing time."

"We're more comfortable and confident just because last year we were in the position, it was our first year there, and nobody expected us to be there. This year, we've been playing well all year," said Brooks Duff.

If they need extra motivation Wednesday, they have it. McIntosh is the only team to beat Greenbrier, and that was back in March--1-0 on penalty kicks. These kids haven't forgotten.

"We all felt we dominated the first game," Matt McCue said. "Obviously it wasn't the score we wanted, so we have them at home now, so we're pretty confident now."

In most cases it's the offense that gets all the publicity around a soccer team, but this year's defense for the Wolfpack may be the difference between them winning a state title.

"Those guys that are back there are of course the unsung heroes," said Coach Warren. "They really keep us there when our offense isn't there. We know the defense will play well."

While winning the title would be great, it would also prove a lot to the rest of the state.

"It's a respect game," Duff said. "Augusta is still an area where everyone looks down upon. Everyone is just, 'Atlanta is the supreme area of soccer.' And if we can go out and win, it just makes a statement to the rest of the state that we're here."

Greenbrier has never won a soccer title. They made the finals back in '99, and now they've had two straight semi final appearances. Win or lose Wednesday, it's safe to say they have the respect of others.

If Greenbrier wins Wednesday, they would also host the state title game Saturday at the Briar Patch.

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