Pitching continues to pace Greenjackets

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April 23, 2007

"First pitch strikes is a big thing, and keeping the ball down. If you get the ball up, the hitters have a pretty good swing at the ball, so other than that it's just keeping the ball down, getting ahead and throwing strikes," said Ben Snyder.

Pitching, pitching, more pitching...it's been the reason the Jackets are off to a stellar start. By far the Jackets are the best staff in the league, and one of the best in the minors.

Unlike most teams that have five set starters, the Jackets have eight guys who've started games. They're piggybacking the starters. One guy pitches the first half, then another starter comes in to relieve him. With seven shutouts and an earned run average under 2, it's tough to argue with the success.

"I think the key to our pitching staff is that they're throwing strikes; they're getting ahead of hitters," Coach Roberto Kelly said. "Once you do that, that bodes well for success. You try to work ahead (in the count), get the offense back in the dugout and it's been working for us."

A couple of more crazy numbers: the team has racked up 121 strikeouts while allowing just 29 walks.

Jackets take on Kannapolis tonight at 7 at the Lake.

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