Aiken's Triple Crown starts Saturday

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March 16, 2007

For those non-traditional sports fans, this might be your weekend. At Langley Pond, it's the Augusta Invitational Regatta featuring some of the top crew teams in the nation. Then, just a further bit up the road, Aiken's Triple Crown gets underway with the Aiken trials.

A card of six races will take to the post at the Aiken Training Track. This afternoon you could find most of the horses lounging around in their stables and nearby outdoor pens after morning workouts. Tomorrow folks will see plenty of young horses trying to make a name for themselves.

"It's just like a coming out party for some of the young horses that have trained here all winter," said Allen Darlington. "What they'll get is race day experience...they'll get out there, experience the crowd and all the activities, and it's a great schooling day for the young horses."

Gates open at 10:30 with the first race around 2. Then next week it's the Steeplechase, followed by the polo match to wrap up the Triple Crown.

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