Augusta Bulldog club welcomes Vince Dooley and company to Augusta

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Tuesday Augusta, 11, 2009

Augusta, Ga--According to many, it's never too early to talk football and that includes Georgia Bulldog football. That was the case Tuesday evening in Augusta with the Bulldog club get together.

Plenty of folks on hand this evening with Loren Smith, Vince Dooley and tonight's guest of honor Dan Magill coming to town. Dooley says Magill is easily one of the most important people in Georgia history having worn many hats during his tenure with the Bulldogs. Of course a lot of folks wanting to find out just how good those Dawgs will be when the season starts. Compared to last year, the pressure to win will be less.

"Well I think they have a much better chance of making people happier this year then last year which was an almost impossible task. I think there's a re-commitment, dedication and I think we'll surprise some people along the way this year." said former coach Vince Dooley

Bulldogs already going through two a days as they're looking forward to the start of the season. The offensive line, with pretty much everyone back, might have to carry the load to start things off.

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