Lacrosse continues to grow in the CSRA

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Monday July 20, 2009

It's a sport not a lot of folks really know much about. There's no question though, lacrosse is growing in the south and here in the CSRA.

It's a cross between just about every sport out there. Footbal, soccer, basketball, and even hockey. Lacrosse brings them all together.

"Probably the running and knocking people around and everthing" said 13 year old Kevin Fain

It's also a sport where once you play it, you're hooked.

"I played up in New York, I use to live up there" said Trevor Warner "About sixth grade I moved down here. Started playing with Jeff (Becker) and all these other guys."

"My dad played when he was in high school in Maryland" said Travis Rager "He just taught me when I was a little kid."

Right now, just Lakeside and Greenbrier are playing high school lacrosse. But during the summer with the Augusta lacrosse club and the YMCA, the popularity is taking off.

"Our Y-league, in the middle school went from 25 last year to 60 boys and 30 girls so it's really doing well at the Y" said Jeff Becker

"When we first moved down here there was like nobody in any high school playing lacrosse and now there's just a lot of people playing lacrosse. It's just growing so fast. I'm trying to get everybody I can to come out here and play. It's amazing how fast it's growing" added Warner

Greenbrier coach Jeff Becker and Lakeside's Ron Ritter have been pushing hard to get more kids involved. If they can come close to duplicating what the Atlanta area has done, the future is bright.

"Atlanta, 10 years ago they had six schools and now there's 60 schools in ten years. They're getting about four or five each year that's picking up the sport at the varsity level and there's other club teams also." added Becker

Of course one of the big draw backs, the cost involved. $10,000 just to get it rolling. But through the non profit groups like Becker and Ritter are running, things are still on the up and up.

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