Hall of Fame adds new members

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January 6, 2007

Today, the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame opened their doors to the class of 2007. Furman Bisher, Wendell Couch and Tom Forkner all bestowed the honors for their contributions to golf in the state.

Bisher has been writing for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for over 50 years and has covered the Masters just as many. Couch is a volunteer with the Georgia State Golf Association and has also helped with junior golf in the state. At age 88, Forkner is one of the most decorated senior golfers in the state and country.

"Of course there are different ways of qualifying for the Golf Hall of Fame, I suppose by not swinging the club. Most of them use a grip, I just use two fingers and they're pretty well worn," Bisher said.

"I guess if you had to qualify them, being a member of the Georgia State Golf Association and being president for three years and the things we accomplished I suppose would be number one," Couch said.

One other interesting tidbit about Forkner: he's also co-founder of Waffle House.