Summer Nationals drivers safer than ever

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Thursday July 16, 2009

Augusta, Ga--It's called the liquid quarter mile and the area will be rocking this weekend with the 24th annual Southern Nationals on the Savannah. If you've never been, seriously, check it out. Imagine going 200 miles an hour plus in under five seconds.

From pro modifieds to the high end top fuel hydro, these things literally leap off the line when the green light flashes. But remember one thing, like NASCAR, or dragsters, safety first. Case in point, this wreck last week in Texas. Don Ermshar, 70 year old driver who's been doing this for 37 years involved in this spectacular crash. He was underwater in the capsule for 10 plus minutes. Air tight mind you. Yes, a few broken bones but otherwise he's alright and could be back racing in short order.

"Yea, the capsule did save his life." said driver Fred Hart. "That was a huge asset for us obviously and Don Ermshar is by far the biggest spokesman we have for this class. He's the big reason a lot of us are here. It's kind of like a cloud over us right now, not having him here so it's going to be a little different not having him here this weekend."

"I guess Don crashed and that's just one of the things racing does" said Charles Fegan, I.H.B.A. president "Once again Don's not going to give up the sport, he's going to be building his stuff and coming back, supporting it harder and bigger then ever, I mean, it's awesome."

Racing starts Friday with qualifying on Saturday and then the finals Sunday. The night of fire will again be held Friday night at the Augusta Commons starting at 7.

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