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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Augusta area has its fair share of great golfers, including some currently on the PGA Tour. But there are also some good young players, just about ready to hit the professional ranks.

Jordan Johnstun has only lived in the Augusta area for three years. But it didn't take him long to learn playing golf here is definitely a benefit.

"It really helps my game perform because I get to compete with the Augusta area and if you can be the top golfer from Augusta, I think you're probably going to be on the PGA Tour." said Jordan Johnstun

Johnstun has had great success since moving to Evans from LaGrange, Georgia. He's qualified for two US Amateurs and just last month, qualified for the US Public Links Championship. That's a big deal because a win there means a trip to the Masters.

"Oh, it's crossed my mind a couple times. I tell people what it means to win the Public Links and that you get an invitation to the Masters. Whenever I tell someone that, they realize how big the Public Links actually is." said Johnstun

No matter the result at the Public Links, Johnstun is already thinking about the future. He's turning pro in February and already taking steps towards his pro career. He's created a website to help get investors and understands the road to the PGA Tour won't be easy. Bue he's confident his game will continue to improve as he moves from amateur to professional.

"I see guys out there on the PGA Tour and in the U.S. Open that I've played competitive golf with. And to see them out there ensures me that I can do it if I just put my mind to it and keep practicing hard."

"There's not a day that goes by with no practicing so it's a grueling summer but qualifying for the Public Links is worth every bit of practice"

The Public Links tournament is July 13-18th in Oklahoma. You can check out his website at www.jordanjohnstun.com

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