Area cyclists to keep the sport in the spotlight

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Wednesday June 17, 2009

For the past five to six years or so, the Augusta area has seen a boom in cycling. With Lance Armstrong announcing his retirement here years ago during the Tour De Georgia and all, the sport has grabbed some headlines.

But with no tour this year, the sport has kind of fallen out of the public's eye so to speak. To that end, several area cycling groups plan on putting it back into the spotlight on Saturday morning. While it's not competitive like you see here, it'll be more of a relaxed pace just so folks can see the interest for the sport is still around and maybe even grab some folks who don't think a lot of the sport.

"Once you get a group of people going, word spreads rapidly." said Outspokin' owner Brett Ardrey "With the green idea going on right now, bicycles get about as green as you can get. We're cutting down on polution, we're saving gas, we're getting healthy, so cycling just seems to be the perfect fit."

There are a number of outfits in and around Augusta who hold organized rides almost on a nightly basis. Saturday's ride kicks off at 9:30 at the Augusta commons.

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