Figure skating catching on in Augusta

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Figure skating is a sport that normally only gets attention every four years in the Winter Olympics. But at the Figure Skating Club of Augusta, that's not the case. The club is growing and some skaters are getting good.

It's more than 90 degrees outside these days but inside the Augusta Ice Sports Center, it's never more than 50 degrees. And that's where you'll find 13-year old Colleen Cassedy and 11-year old Annie Schwenker practicing figure skating, a sport they've grown to love.

"You know, you're doing a sport that most people in your school don't do," said Schwenker, "and it's something that you want to do a lot and I think it's fun to do actually."

Both girls have been skating since they were 8 years old and these days, they're pretty good, thanks to hours upon hours of practice all year.

"Well, I normally skate on Saturdays, Tuesday, and sometimes Wednesday, Thursday and Friday," said Cassedy. "It's a lot harder [during school] because of all the homework that you have and trying to balance it out."

So far, both girls have done well in their young career, racking up plenty ogf top-4 finished. And with that success comes higher expectations.

"If you mess up during the whole competition part, and you've done before and you know you can do it, I think that's the part that upsets the most people because I could've done that!," explained Schwenker.

Many of their friends don't know much about the sport.

"They just think you're automatically really good because nobody else figure skates," said Cassedy.

But that doesn't matter. The girls are just glad to know they are part of a club that is there to support them every step of the way in their career.

"You have so many friends in your club cause it's pretty small so everyone gets really close to each other," said Cassedy. "It's really fun to skate around with everybody and they help you out with your moves so it's cool."

The girls just got back from a competition this past weekend in Atlanta. Cassedy finished fourth in her class while Schwenker finished in second.

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