Former Hephzibah star has dream come true being drafted by Dodgers

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Thursday June 11, 2009

HEPHZIBAH, Ga--"I don't know, it's indescribable right now. I've been working for this for 18 years and it's finally come true. I'm ready to go, that's the main thing, I'm ready to go, give me my ticket you know." said Casio Grider

It is the dream of every kid that ever played little league baseball, get drafted and play in the big league. For Hephzibah's Casio Grider, he's taken a big step in living the dream.

Yesterday, the former Rebel was drafted in the 14th round by the Los Angeles Dodgers. To say he was on cloud nine after hearing his name called would be like saying it gets hot in the summer time. I think Grider's mom's car says it all. Grider played at a junior college then the last couple at Newberry. He seriously thought a friend of his was pulling his leg when he was drafted.

"Actually I was like maybe someone is going to call me and say well, we were just kidding" said Casio Grider "I had to look on line and I saw my name up there, Casio Grider, 14th round. I had to believe it. I jumped around the house, ran around the corner, people thought I was crazy, it's fine"

Grider is a shortstop and isn't sure when exactly he'll be headed out west to sign on the dotted line. We'll keep ya posted.

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