A good game of croquet to pass the summer time by

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The odds are good that at some point in your life, you've actually played the game of croquet. Go ahead, you can nod your head. Did you ever really learn how to play? We caught up with some kids are doing just that.

"Here we are on a beautiful sunny afternoon. We're trying to teach kids how to play croquet" said club president Christopher Davies

That's a lot harder than it sounds. You see, croquet is not a simple game. It involves everything from aim to focus, to finesse.

"When you try to hit the ball in the middle but it keeps going on the edge. That's the hardest part for me." 8 year old Hagan Goings indicated.

"The ball, because it's so heavy. You have to hit it with more power." added Marissa Lee

"You have to focus on the ball and try to hit to the wicket as hard as you can." said Lyndsie Mottsey

"Like any of us who play the sport, it's a question of focusing. Kids and adults want to do jerk the ball and it doesn't go in the right place." said Christopher Davies, club president

Despite the rookie mistakes and summer heat, these kids are having fun learning the game.

"I like how you hit it. You don't hit like in golf." 8 year old Thomas Carroll said.

"It's really competitive. You get to hit people out of the way. Really, it's like real estate." said Jackson Gilbert

Wait, did he say real estate?

"If you have a house on the list and you're trying to save up money, someone can just knock you out the way and buy it." added Gilbert

The good thing is these kids will get better by the end of the clinic and that improvement is what makes it all worth while.

"As time goes by, of course they improve a great deal and it's so exciting to see their delight as they make a wicket or as they hit the center post. It warms my heart." added Christopher Davies

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