Football passing camp front and center for area schools

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EVANS, GA--Ask a lot of folks they'll tell you, it's never too early to talk football. To an extent, I agree. Every Tuesday in the month of June, football is front and center at Greenbrier with the seven on seven passing camp.

A dozen teams from both sides of the river on hand this evening with the emphasis of course on passing. For some, like Cross Creek and Greenbrier, it's a chance to get an early gauge on who might be the quarterback. For everyone it's pretty much a continuation of spring ball and an opportunity to get an early jump when practices start for real.

"It's important for the team so we can run a lot of plays and read defenses and stuff. We try to work our receivers and have them run their routes correct and get out timing down" said North Augusta's Lorenzo Hammonds

"It's nice, it's good to get our offense out there and get the timing down with our receivers and it's all about making ourselves a better team" added Scott Reeder of Greenbrier

" It just rolls right from the end of school, into summer, weight training and everything so it's good to come out here and get some work." said Scott Tate, head coach of Cross Creek

The camp is broken into various periods with teams switching off from offense to defense and even who they're facing.

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