The most feared man in boxing lives in Augusta

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Tuesday June 2, 2009

AIKEN, SC--Paul Williams nickname in the ring is "The Punisher". While he calls Aiken, Augusta, and North Augusta home, one of his true homes is in the boxing ring where he has a new nickname.

He's been dubbed the most feared boxer in the business, and for good reason. For Paul "The Punisher" Williams, it also made getting a big time fight as tough as he is.

"In a way it's cool but in the boxing world it's not cool because guys don't want to fight you now." said Paul Williams

When and where he'll fight next is still up in teh air. The unknown can be tough on this tough guy.

"It's real frustrating because you can't train for a certain style, you have to wait to find out who you're fighting then you have to train knowing they already know who they're going to fight and they have plenty of time to work on a certain style." added Williams

Williams is 37 and 1 with 27 knockouts. His lone loss came at the hands of Carlos Quintanna early last year.

"I was heart broken that I lost my belt but, I'd get it back, it's (no big deal) so I came back to training camp, I knew what I did wrong and we just corrected it."

Three months later, the title belt was back around his waist.

Willaims has gone up a few weight classes trying to find a big time opponent. Trough all those battles, his long time manager George Peterson has been by his side.

"Well Mr. Peterson and myself have been together going on 11 years. I could be in the ring and he knows how I could be feeling and whether or not to stop a sparring match early or keep me going. He knows my body so being together for 11 years, it's all good day by day."

No question Williams has already made a name for himself in the ring. There's still a few big goals left on his agenda.

"Basically getting what I deserve. Getting all the biggest fights out there. I just want to get one of those big mega fights and go out on top, you know."

Williams is still just 27 years old and in boxing circles, his name has been bantered around with the likes of thomas the hitman hearns as far as ability to box in different weight classes and be successfull at it.

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