Playing for the love of the game

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For most people athletics is a passion. But just how far would you go to play the game you love? Would you shell out your hard earned money to play football? Believe it or not, there's three teams in the area where guys are doing just that, paying to play.

They are the CSRA Cobras. The dressing room is the back of the guys cars, the practice field has a few lines and the grass is barely cut. But the love of the sport is what keeps these guys coming back.

"We pay to play so hey, if you don't love it, you shouldn't do it" said Jonathan Buggs

"I love to play" said Brandon Brissie "Why not? Can't do it anywhere else. We go around, meet new people, go out of town and play ball."

This is football at its rawest form. Guys paying to play. They shell out a couple of hundred bucks and have to find their own pads. To them, it's worth every penny.

"We're pretty much funding our own program so if you have love for the game I guess you won't have any problems playing" added Cornelius Myles

Most guys on the Cobras have some military background. They work, or go to college, but evenings and weekends, they strap on the pads.

"I still have some youth in me, I'm not that old, only 21. My college didn't have a football team so I just felt like getting back out there on the field, touching the green a little bit, getting in between the trenches" added Buggs

Of course there's that testosterone thing.

"That's it, get your frustrations out. Go to work, get aggravated, come out here and hit somebody and let it all out." said Myles

The common bond is the love for the game. Whether they played in high school or even a bit in college, it's tough to get football out of their blood.

"I always played football since I was a toddler growing up, challenging my big brother. That was the only thing I could beat him at was football so it just stuck with me from a child up until now." said Buggs

"Yes sir, it's fun to play I mean. That's all I can say, it's fun to play." added Brissie

The Cobras open the season next month and are one of three teams in the area. The Georgia Ragin' Bulls and the Augusta Razorbacks being the others.

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