Kids Day kicks off Women's Challenger tennis tournament

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October 23, 2006

Tennis is taking center stage in Augusta for the next six days. It's Comcast $25,000 Professional Women's Challenger at the Club at Rae's Creek.

While some of the action got underway this afternoon, the stars today were of the younger variety. Kids attending the clinic this afternoon received a free racquet along with some guidance from the pros. Around a hundred youngsters were taking their shots and really just enjoying themselves.

"When they approached us about different areas we could help, they mentioned they were going to have a kids day, and I have an affinity for children because I'm a former schoolteacher and decided that's what we wanted to do for the program," said volunteer Carole Wright.

We asked young Taylor Richards what it was about tennis she came out for. She said, "I just wanted to have fun."

"Try to generate interest at an early age," Wright said. "Tennis is a sport that can last all your life, and I think these children are beginning when they should and will have good instruction here in the Augusta area."

You never know...the next Pete Sampras or Venus Williams may have been on the court today.

The tournament itself kicks into high gear tomorrow with the main draw. The finals will be Sunday.