Local boxer heading off to Gold Gloves competition

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Wednesday April 29, 2009

AUGUSTA,GA--The CSRA has been produced some big time boxers over the years, including Gold Glove winners. Get ready to add another name to the list. That name, Divante Jones.

It was at the age of seven when Divante Jones realized he wanted to be a boxe.

" I was coming off a fight off the bus, there was blood all over my shirt and my dad asked me what happened and I told him, he hit me and I hit him back" said Divante Jones "My dad then asked me if I wanted to get involved in boxing because he was as well and my uncle also boxed. He asked me if I wanted to box and I was like yea, sure and ever since then I've been doing it"

Since then Jones has dedicated himself to being a world class boxer. His dad Albert, also boxed and has taken the roll of coach. The motivation, the Olympics in three years.

"His cousin drew a picture of him standing behind the 2012 Olympic banner" said Albert Jones "So he can just get it in his mind an image of him being there at the Olympics, winning the gold medal. So this is something he thinks about every day"

"After watching the 2008 Olympics, that just showed me how much more I need to work on and not just waiting to the year of the Olympics, go ahead and start now." added Divante

Before then, it's the annual Gold Gloves competition in Utah next week. Jones, who just turned 17 will be one of, if not the youngest competitor there. Does it bother him? Heck no!

"It doesn't really bother me at all because the greatest all won at a young age so what's from stopping me from winning at a young age."

The ultimate complement paid to Divante came a couple of weeks ago when he was sparring in Aiken with a pro in front of Paul Williams trainer.

"He tells me, look, this young kid that you have is sparring with a 25 year old fighter that's six and zero as a professional record. This young kid that you have is good and you have to stay with him and stay on him because he has the potential of going a long way" added his dad Albert

Jones leaves for Utah this weekend to fight in the national Gold Gloves competition and hopes to bring home the first title since Ray Whitfield won back in 2002.

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