Lady Jags making strides

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October 10, 2006

For the ladies of Augusta State, cross country has become more then a leisurely jog through the neighborhood.

Under the direction of third year coach Adam Ward, the Jags are becoming one of the top teams in the conference. They already have two wins to their credit and have high expectations for the upcoming Peach Belt Conference meet.

"Expectations were always there, because we had the potential to do these kind of things, but it is a pleasant surprise to be honest," Coach Ward told News 12.

While you might think training is just distance running, that's not the case.

"We have our long distance days, which we practice a couple of times a week. Then we have our sprint workouts that we use to help our kick at the end," said Annie Kim, the leader of the ASU charge. She's won a meet and has four other top ten finishes in just six outings.

"Annie is one of those girls, that even as a guy, if I was near her at the end of a race, I'd probably be pretty worried," Coach Ward said. "She's got an amazing kick, and it would take something pretty dramatic from keeping her finishing well, or beat you anyways."

Like any other sport, injuries happen...some kind of freakish.

"There's a parking lot at the bottom of this hill, and we were running there, and there was a car of course, and it had a metal piece sticking out of the bumper," said runner Amanda Griffin. "And I thought I nicked it as I went by, and I looked down and a chunk of my leg was gone. I was really kind of going into shock and I was glad the girls were there, right with me."

Griffin has since recovered and competed in the last two meets.

Griffin, Kim and the rest of the Lady Jags head to the NCAA regionals the first week in November.