Ripken throws out first pitch in Greenjackets opener

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You have to be hard pressed to find another hall of famer who signs as many autographs as Cal Ripken Jr. does. Thursday night, prior to the game, he did just that. Of course it's been a successful marriage between the Jackets and Ripken who are now in their fourth year of owning the team.

Showing up at the ballpark is something Ripken has always done Thursday, he once again threw out the first pitch. He's several years removed from his playing days, but can still relate to the guys on the field tonight.

"Opening day in the minor leagues is certainly different then opening day in the big leagues" said Cal Ripken Jr. "In some ways it's a little bit more exciting because you're still trying to make it. You want to get off to a good start and the start of a new season is always the anxiety of can I cut it at this level."

Ripken is expected to make a few more trips to town as Ripken baseball has added to their fold. This past year they bought a team in Florida as well as the one here and in Aberdeen, Maryland.

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