ASU's "Super Man" setting records on the diamonds

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Tuesday April 14, 2009

AUGUSTA, GA--To be a successful athlete you have to have a little swagger about you. For Augusta State baseball player Shannon Wilkerson, he's got it but he can also back it up.

Anyone who wears a superman logo on the back of his helmet has a little air about him. But as coach Skip Fite says, if you talk the talk, better to be able to walk the walk and Wilkerson can do just that. By the time the year is over he'll likely have re-written the school's record book in most offensive categories. Wilkerson is also eligible for the major league draft later this summer and they've already come a calling. So far, the junior has kept a level head about it all and is focusing on the task at hand.

"It's's hard not to thing about it" said All American Shannon Wilkerson "I'm getting a lot of phone calls, a lot of emails, and a lot of text messages from scouts letting me know they're going to be at the games and stuff, and just play your game. Don't try to do anything out of the ordinary and just stay focused and play your game."

"In the big leagues they worry about character a lot" said coach Skip Fite. "They ask can he hit good pitching and these type of things and I let his numbers speak for themselves. But he is a quality young man, no issues, and he plays hard every day."

Wilkerson's already hit 18 homers and driven in 69 runs and is hitting a cool 449. Yea, that's walking the walk! ASU in action Wednesday afternoon against Newberry.

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