USC Aiken's Meredith Legg has rare form of eye cancer

Meredith Legg, USC Aiken senior
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Tuesday April 12, 2009

AIKEN,SC--Meredith Legg, USC Aiken's all time leading scorer has been diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer and will start to undergo radiation treatments later this week at a hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

Coach Mike Brandt has told News 12 that Legg was having problems with her vision and was urged to see the school nurse about the condition. The school nurse then recommended Legg see a specialist in Augusta who ran a series of tests and determined it was more then damaged tendons behind the eye.

Legg then went to see a specialist in Philadelphia where it was found to be a rare case of melanoma of the eye. The senior is in Philadelphia and will undergo seven to ten days of radiation treatments which should stop the growth and kill the cancer.

It is expected she will lose vision in the eye but Brandt says Legg is in good spirits and looking forward to returning to Aiken to finish out the year. Brandt indicated if all things go well, she could be back on campus within a couple of weeks.

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