Boo Weekley gives golf lessons to Fort Gordon soldiers

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First at Five, April 6, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Pro golfer Boo Weekley will swing his club in front of millions this week, but even more importantly, he says, he swung it for some soldiers.

"He's got an awesome drive. I hope I can get that down pat," said PFC Christopher Traxler, who enjoyed the golf clinic at Fort Gordon,

Weekley was the speaker at the clinic, where he taught wounded warriors, and other soldiers, about golf. More important than the lessons, though, he wanted to show them support.

"They go overseas, they're over there fighting for our freedom. Why wouldn't you want to show it to them?" says Weekley. "To me that means more than the golf."

Paired with some unconventional golf tips, Weekley brings a sense of humor to the soldiers as well, even imitating some other golfers.

Even for those who don't golf, it was a good time, and a chance for these soldiers to be reminded people are thankful for what they do.

"It makes you feel good when they say to you in person, 'thank you very much and I appreciate the things you've done for us,'" said SPC Godren Duckett.

"That's amazing. It's pretty cool to see someone that actually supports the troops enough to take time out of his busy schedule to come here and show us how to swing a club," said Traxler.

While the soldiers appreciate the swing, Weekley hopes it's enough to bring home the green jacket this year.

"I'm close to where I think I need to be at. I'm just hoping my putter can show up. If my putter shows up like Jack Nicklaus, it's on," says Weekley, with a smile on his face.

Before the golf clinic, Weekley met with about a dozen of the wounded warriors, signing autographs and taking pictures with them.

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