Fans fired up for decisive ASU, USC Aiken battle

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, March 17, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Tonight, it's matchup number 4 between Augusta State and USC Aiken, with a trip to the Elite Eight on the line. The winner of tonight's game goes on to Springfield, Massachusetts. News 12 talked with some pretty excited fans who've been looking forward to the possibility of this game for days.

It's round 4 between Augusta State and USC Aiken. The Jaguars beat the Pacers earlier this month on USC-A's home court to win the conference tournament. Now the Pacers want to return the favor in the NCAA.

"We're gonna kick butt and we're gonna be pumped up," said USC Aiken fan Candace Reese.

Just how pumped up are they?

"Let's go Pacers! Let's go Pacers!" yelled Jessica Ramp, clapping. "You all wanna help me get crunk!"

Across the river, things look the same--except for who they're rooting for.

"ASU, let's go!" yelled Ashley Brown.

"It's gonna be wicked," said Cedomir Ilic. "I'm looking forward to it, yeah!"

Bryan Waller, acting as Augusta State's Alley Cat mascot tonight, says the team will be ready. "Play it game by game and I think they'll make it to the nationals this year."

"They're not gonna win," Ashley said. "They're coming to our house."

Sales are up at the bookstore, and Eva Martin hopes fans will ride around with ASU stickers on their cars.

"We're hoping to see them in all the cars," Eva said. And she's even got a prediction: "Augusta State is going to win it."

"Oh, I'm freakin' ready for this game!" said Pacer fan Jessica Ramp. "We are gonna whip some Augusta State butt!"

"It's gonna be good," said Candace.

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