Laney battles Buford in a match up of the titans

Laney Girls Basketball
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Wednesday March 11, 2009

AUGUSTA, GA--This may be the best case of the irressistible force meeting the immovable object. State semifinals for the ladies with Laney taking on top ranked Buford in Macon Thursday night. You'd be hard pressed to find two teams as hot as the Wolves and Wildcats.

Buford enters having lost just the second game of the year and have a 29 game win streak. Laney, not far behind having won 21 straight. This is one of Otis Smart's best teams as they flat out get after you. Pressure you the whole game, and run at every opportunity they can. Game plan isn't changing one bit and it's probably going to be a matter of who executes the best.

"The main thing is to commit less turnovers" said senior Brianna Eubanks "We need to make sure we pass the ball, not get trapped up in their press so against their defense, that's the main thing, move the ball around. He (Otis Smart) told us to keep continuing to play the way we're playing because we're playing great."

"Somehow this team finds a way to win and they go on runs" said coach Otis Smart "We're hoping we can have one of those runs, just one, that will help us bring home the victory."

The Laney-Buford game is scheduled for 7pm at the Centerplex in Macon. The winner would play for a state title on Saturday.

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