ARC Kicker Signs To Play With Army

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Monday March 9, 2009

Be all that you can be. It's the motto for the Army. For ARC kicker Eric Osteen, he's about to do just that.

Today one of, if not the top kickers in the area, put to pen to paper and has decided to head north to West Point, New York and join Army. It's not easy to grab an elusive scholarship when you're a kicker and that was the case with Osteen.

"Well to be honest, even if it wasn't as a walk on and there was a full ride I would have still chose West Point over them" said Eric Osteen "West Point, when you get out, you're going to have a lot of opportunities come your way so it just appealed to me more then other schools."

The kicker for the kicker, his dad went to Army, his grandfather, to Navy. Osteen has one of the longest kicks in state history, this 58 yarder a year ago.

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