Flag Football not just for the guys

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Monday, February 16, 2009.

Russ Hamilton is a man on a mission. That mission is starting up a flag football league for women.

"This is a very fun, non-threatening way for people to come out and have a great time," says Hamilton, who is organizing the league. "Especially for women, because there's not a lot of things for women to do in the community as far as athletics, and it's a great sport."

So far, the response has been good, especially from the girls, who have been around sports their whole lives

"I went to Aiken Tech and played softball for two year," said quarterback Dusty Rawlins, "and I love sports and there aren't really that many sports to play at my age and now that they started this, I get to play."

"I had two older brothers so I can kind of grew up playing football and being like the tomboy," said wide receiver Molly Goble, "so I already knew about football and had been going to football games so I didn't really didn't have to learn anything new except how to catch a ball."

Just like tackle football, flag football takes skill. But there is one difference in this game

"The hardest part for me is getting flags, said Goble. "Usually we'll grab shirts and they end up getting a touchdown."

"It's a lot easier to go out there and tackle somebody with your body but keeping your eye on the flag and pulling it is a lot harder," added Rawlins.

But more important than flag pulling and scoring touchdowns is the amount of fun these girls are having, getting the chance to play the sport

You know, I've been on guys teams and coached guys teams before", said Hamilton. "But to be around the girls is something different. it really goes back more to that fun side of the game, what the game was originally played for, the fun of it. They embody the essence of it, just having a great time with your friends."

For more information on the league, contact Hamilton by phone at (706) 533-1386 or by e-mail at gfflsc@yahoo.com

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