ASU baseball coach picks up 600th career win

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Monday Feb. 9, 2009

AUGUSTA,Ga--This is the year of milestones for area college coaches. Ronnie Spry, win number 500 with Paine College. In Aiken, Lady Pacer softball coach Jerry Snyder is closing in on 500. This weekend, Skip Fite, coach of ASU's baseball team hit the 600 mark.

Now in his 25th year, Fite shows no signs of slowing down. It's been run for the long time coach who took the Jags to the national tournament five years ago. Every coach changes when they're with a program this long, Fite is no different.

"Talking to past players I think I've gotten a little more, I hate to use the term easier, but a little more laid back" said coach Skip Fite "I was a little firery in my younger days and did some things as far as challenging guys. But it doesn't diminish my competitiveness. But I think I'm a little more laid back and let some things happen."

Jaguars are in action Tuesday when they host Coker at Lake Olmstead Stadium.

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