Whitfield's title shot comes tomorrow

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It's been a long time coming for Augusta native Ray "Stingray" Whitfield but tomorrow, he finally gets his shot at a world title.

Tomorrow, Whitfield will face Omar Navares in Puerto Maydrn, Argentina in a WBO flyweight title fight. Both men are undefeated coming into tomorrow's fight. Navares is 28-0 with 17 knockouts while Whitfield is 22-0 with 11 knockouts. The fight will not be televised.

Navares will be defending hsi title for the 14th time while Whitfield will be competing in his first ever title fight. But since he stopped by the Garden City for the holidays, he has been training in Texas, getting ready for his first shot at a belt.

Whitfield is 6 years younger than his opponent and is 4 inches taller. He hopes he can use both of those to his advantage. Even though, this is first title fight, Whitfield is confident. "I just been patiently waiting it out and fine tuning everything," Whtifield said back in December. "It was a long road to travel and that's what makes me more hungry cause I traveled that long road and took my time to get there. And now I'm here and I just got to capture it."

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