Braves' Francoeur visits Augusta

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Thursday Feb. 5, 2009

Wednesday one of the more likeable Braves you'll ever meet, Jeff Francoeur in town paying a visit to Augusta to talk baseball at Westminster.

A number of area high school, college, and even little league kids were on hand to hear Francoeur talk about the game he loves so much. Last year, a tough one for the Braves and Francoeur which included a quick trip back to the minors as he struggled at the plate. No worries, the confidence is still as strong as ever.

"It was definitely a disappointing year for myself and for the team really" said Jeff Francoeur "At the same time I'm looking forward to getting down to spring training. I'm leaving Tuesday morning to head down there and get going for hitting. I've been hitting since November 15th so for me I'm looking forward to coming back and having a big year."

Francoeur also awaiting word about his arbitration case so he'll know just how much he'll be making this year.

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