USC Aiken softball coach chases career win #500

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Thursday Feb. 5, 2009

AIKEN, SC--"You have to be here a long time to get to 500 wins and coaching over 1000 games" said coach Jerry Snyder "I would rather see the 500 come where we had more wins then losses."

Earlier this year, Paine basketball coach Ronnie Spry hit the 500 win plateau. Doesn't matter what sport, you win that many games, you're doing something right. USC Aiken softball coach Jerry Snyder is five wins away from that milestone as well.

While he doesn't have the best winning percentage, Snyder has one thing a lot of coach's don't have, longevity. He's the only coach the lady pacers have ever had, a span covering 21 years. One thing is still lacking from his coaching resume.

"I feel like I started the program here and brought it up through and we crawled before we walked, walk before we run, and we've been running the last couple of years and I want to see us all the way through to a national championship. Then I might think of retiring, I don't know." added coach Snyder

Pacers are picked to finish 8th in the conference by Snyder says they'll be much better then that and could surprise a few teams as the season rolls along. They open the season at home this weekend.

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