Former ARC coach talks about Ken Whisenhunt's success

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Thursday Jan. 29, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga--Just about 72 hours away from kick off of Super Bowl 43. Plenty of eyes on the game this year with ARC product Ken Whisenhunt trying to lead the Cardianls to their first ever title. One guy who knows the coach quite well, one of his old coaches at the Academy, Tommy Way.

Way was the assistant coach during Whisenhunt's senior season, one that didn't come easy for him. Whisenhunt played the year on a bum knee that might have cost him a scholarship. With the help of way, he walked on at Georgia Tech and became an all ACC player. He was always in the inquisitive type back in his high school days.

"Kenneth wasn't a rah-rah guy" said former ARC coach Tommy Way "He was very astute to the game, he wanted to know why you were doing something. Even back then, he thought about it. Certainly I knew he'd do well at whatever he wanted to do."

Way is surprised Whisenhunt has become a head coach, and in the same breath, not surprised he's successful at it. One of his old mentor's says he's been a nervous wreck watching the playoffs and will be again on Sunday.