Futurity grabbing the spotlight in Augusta

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Monday Jan. 26,2009

AUGUSTA, Ga--It has become one of the largest cutting events this side of the mississippi and this year the Augusta Futurity is celebrating it's 30th anniversary. $800,000 up for grabs with a host events on going.

Two guys who've grabbed their share of the money over the years are back looking for more. Phil Rapp from Texas and Austin Sheppard out of Alabama. Rapp has won a record 8 titles here in Augusta while Sheppard claimed the Futurity Open a year ago. A lot goes into this sport that we never see.

"It's a full time job" said Austin Shepard, last year's Open Winner "It's an everyday job and it takes two to four years on some of them to get them trained."

"The great horses shine here" added Phil Rapp, multi time winner "Great horses make great riders. It's the National Cutting Horse Association or the Atlantic Coast Cutting Horse Association, not the Atlantic Coast riders Association."

Rapp is actually from California originally and is a San Franciso Giants fan so he knows all about Madison Bumgarner and some of the Giants prospects we've seen the last few years. The big night of events is Thursday with the Classic Open finals.

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