Clemson Coach Pays A Visit To Ridge Spring

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Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney making a trip to the area. Swinney at Ridge Spring middle school earlier this afternoon talking to the kids.

It's been a crazy three months for the top tiger and he received more then a warm welcome as he walked into the gym today. Swinney talked about his past experiences growing up in a broken home and how he was still able to chase his dream, something he's now living.

"It's sunk in that I"m the head coach because I have a lot to do, planning and all these things, and a lot of people coming to you for directions and answers." said Dabo Swinney " That part has sunk in. But it's just an honor to wake up everyday and to know you're the head coach at Clemson."

Swinney really stressed how kids need to set their sights high and make sure they stay on the right track in getting their education. Assistant coach Brad Scott came along for the ride as well