Harlem's Sister Act

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Wednesday Jan. 14, 2009

Harlem, GA -- Every now and then you'll find a brother or sister act playing basketball together. But for the ladies of Harlem, get ready for this, three sets of sisters! Just one reason they're pretty good.

If you've seen the Harlem girls basketball team, you may have noticed something.

"Chade Martin and I'm Chancellor Martin.." said the Martin sisters.

"Nicole Wells, Ebony Wells" added the Wells girls.

"Michelle Davignon, Maryellen Davignon" said the Davignon sisters.

That's right, three pairs of sisters on a varsity team of 12 players.

"It's pretty awesome actually. We trade sisters a lot." said Michelle Davignon.

"Chemistry tends to be a little better." added Nicole Wells "Because half of us already know each other because we're sisters." said Eboni Wells finishing her sister's sentence.

"Your older sister boosts you up more to strive harder," explained Chade Martin.

"I think it's cool that they have a camaraderie outside. I didn't have to make it up. It was already there." said coach Amy Slagle.

With three sets of sisters, you think the coach confuses them every now and then?

"Yes, she calls us...I don't what she calls us. She calls us everything." said Chancellor Martin.

"Sometimes, she calls us the wrong thing but by now, it doesn't phase us." added Ebony Wells.

"Not so much Ebony and Nicole but Chade and Chancellor sometimes. And when I first got here, Maryellen and Michelle. And they don't even look alike!" added Coach Slagle

Well that's understandable. At least these sisters always get along right?

"They like to bicker to one another." said Coach Slagle

"All the time." said Ebony Wells

"There's nobody else even close to her height so I have to do what I can to make her better." added Nicole Wells

"A little bit," added Maryelle Davignon. "Yeah, every once in a while," said her sister Michelle.

"Yeah. I think [it's because of] my defense," said Chade Martin.

OK, guess not. But with each set of sisters containing one senior, will they at least miss each other?

"Yeah, I'm gonna, you know" said Ebony Wells. "No!" interrupted her sister Nicole.

"Yes, yes I am." said Chade Martin.

"Yeah, I'm gonna miss her a lot on the court. She knows what I'm gonna do and she's there." added Michelle Davignon.

"If I'm doing something wrong, she's the only one that can calm me down so yeah, I'm going to miss her." said Ebony Wells.

And Harlem will miss them too.

The family connections don't stop there. In fact, there's another girl on the team that's the sister of the manager and even coach Amy Slagle is cousins to another player. By the way, Harlem is pretty good this year with a 12 and 1 record.

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