Junior Lynx Keeping Legacy Alive

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Look out Augusta, because here come your Augusta Lynx.

Yeah, they may be a bit shorter and not play in an arena with 10,000 seats, but the Augusta Junior Lynx do play hockey and have a fun time doing it.

"Really fun," says 9-year old Marquez Ginger. "Because you can play as hard as you can and as best as you can."

Just like their former pro counterparts, there are hits, saves, and yes, even cheerleaders. And even at the young ages of 6 to 10, these kids know the essentials like how tough it is to be a goalie.

"It's just hard to block every shot," says 8-year old Mikaiah Holloway. "And you gotta get up really fast so the other people can't score that good."

They also know what it takes to be a good team: skate hard, have fun, and teamwork.

of course, unlike the pro team, these kids aren't getting paid a dime. Instead, they are playing strictly for the love of the game.

"There's nothing better than seeing these kids come off the ice all sweaty and smiling.," says assistant coach George Maier. "And if they can just get that love of the game, hockey is a life sport and it teaches you life lessons."

And now that they are the only Lynx hockey team in the city, is there any added pressure on the Junior Lynx to preserve the legacy?

"No, we'll take it. It's all good," says Maier. "We've got a good bunch of boys here and they're gonna keep it going."