Legg Leads USC Aiken

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Thursday Jan. 9, 2009
Aiken, SC--Basket, after basket, after basket, USC Aiken's Meredith Legg is a gym rat.

"I guess so" says a smiling Meredith Legg "We're honestly in here over break, nine or ten hours a day together, so yea."

That's a lot of time!

"It is, it is, but for a good cause. We love the sport and without this sport I don't know where I'd be today." added Legg

Today she's on the verge of becoming the all time leading scorer in Pacer history.

"I love the sport, I love coming out every single night playing, I still get the jitterbugs."

Earlier this year Legg became the all time leading three point shooter in the Peach Belt Conference. She's also deadly accurate from the foul line.

"You could tell she had a great shot" said coach Mike Brandt "You get excited when you see that because you don't see that many real pure shooters."

Legg gets the genes from her dad, who played J.V. ball at North Carolina back in the day. No pink ribbons or barbies for her.

"I wasn't a typical girly-girl. You just know in my pictures, I'm in sweats and I'm dirty. You could just tell my love and passion for sports. I also played soccer and volleyball but basketball is my passion and it's just something I've had a knack for" added Legg

"I just think she enjoys the whole game and everything she does, her academics are really high, everythingshe does she trys to strive for perfection." added coach Brandt

Coach Mike Brandt and the Lady Pacers are hoping the season lasts well into March. Legg wishes it'd last even longer but knows the end is near.

"There's a list over there that says senior night...and to think of that night is just heartbreaking for me because once it's over, you know, it'll be the end and I just don't want to think of my life without basketball. Basketball has taught me so much and I'm just going to carry everything I know into my job hopefully."