Whitfield Set For Title Fight

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Tuesday Dec. 30, 2008
(Augusta, Ga)--Ray Whitfield has been boxing for 15 years, but in just over a month, he'll do something he's never done before, fight for a world championship.

A world championship, its what every boxer wants when they start a career, now Augusta's own Ray Whitfield gets his chance.

" I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm just ready. I feel like I've been working for this for ten years now. To be a world champion and my day will come February 7th." said Ray Whitfield

Whitfield will face Omar Navares for the W-B-O Flyweight championship. To get ready for the fight, Whitfield is training wtih the boxer who beat him in the Olympic trials. Just one of the many steps he's taking to prepare for the biggest fight of his life.

"I just been patiently waiting it out and fine tuning everything. It was a long road to travel and that's what makes me more hungry cause I traveled that long road and took my time to get there. And now I'm here and I just got to capture it." added Whitfield

His shot at the title won't be close to home at all, in fact it'll be in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 5000 miles away from Augusta. Whitfield knows he'll still have the support of the community behind him.

"The fans that are in Augusta that know me give me lot of support. I've had three fights here in Augusta and now, Augusta fans know me. And this is a long road I've been taking and now, I'm in the promised land."

For a guy who started right in at the Augusta Boxing Club, he knows what a win would mean not only for him, but the city as well.

"I put on for my city and they just show me a lot of support so that's why I'd love to bring it home and just something for me and my family."

Hopefully the next time Ray "Stingray" Whitfield comes back to Augusta, he'll have another nickname, World Champion

Whitfield was home just for the holiday and is now back in Texas as he finishes his training for the title fight on February 7th.