Glenn Hills With New Faces In '08

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Thursday Dec. 18, 2008
Augusta, Ga--New Glenn Hills coach Travis McRaye has one of the toughest chores around this year, trying to repeat what the Spartans did a season ago.

It was a year ago when Glenn Hills won 24 straight and claimed the first state title in boys history. The stark reality this year, all five starters are different. Shawn Allen probably has the most experience and is in charge of helping the younger kids step up their games to play at the varsity level. It's a challenge, he's ready for.

"I mean, I'm picking everyone up, telling them when they need to change something. It's like, do this but don't do that, and keep them on the right track." said Shawn Allen

"Our two losses were games we could have won" said new coach Travis McRae "I'm pretty pleased at this point in the season having a group of guys who basically played J.V. last year."

The Spartans are out of the gates quickly with a five and two record.