Australian Basketball Team Visits Augusta

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Thursday Dec. 11, 2008
Martinez, Ga--When high schools go about putting their basketball schedule together you have region games and non-region. Usually teams will throw in a tournament if they can. For Augusta Christian, one of their non-region games isn't against a team from this time zone or hemisphere for that matter. Tonight, they took on a team from Australia.

Trinity Grammar School is an all boys school from just outside Sydney ,Austrailia. They're on a 23 day summer trip in the states. Along the way playing various schools, including Augusta Christian. They're right in the middle of the trek that started in Indiana and will eventually wind up in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The school does this every three years and is a once in a lifetime experience for the 24 boys on the trip.

"Well pretty much everyone out of the 24 boys it's their first trip. We had three boys on the last tour but they were pretty young" said Ben Morrissey coach of the Australian team "They're loving everything about it, the stories in different towns and they learn a lot about America plus the host families learn a lot about what Australia is like."

Friday night, they take on Westminster and then head to Savannah a couple of days before heading to the west coast.